Mike McGill

McGill was a member of the "Bones Brigade", an elite team of skateboarders sponsored by Powell Peralta who dominated the sub-culture of professional skateboarding (both in contests and in popularity) for a large part of the 1980s.

Mike McGill Invented one of the greatest tricks of all time, while teaching at a Swedish summer camp in 1984, which most people say opened up a whole new dimension in skateboarding. The trick was name by one of his former teammates Rodney Mullen the “MCTWIST”. The Mctwist is a 540-degree aerial grabbing mute style. Today it is a staple in vertical skateboarding competition. Mike McGill has been in several skate videos as well as movies and commercials. He actively competes in Masters Competitions, and will occasionally barge in on a session with his long time friends and teammates Tony Hawk and Kevin Staab. Mike McGill gets to design all the Air-Speed shoes and skate products sold throughout the US and Canada, check back for new designs and happenings with Mike McGill.


Mike McGill


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Mike McGill


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