Peggy Oki

"As a skateboarder, Peggy Oki broke the gender barrier as the lone female Zephyr team rider. Her iconic style mirrored her fellow 'Dogtown Z-Boys'. As an avid surfer, she has travelled the world in search of warm uncrowded waves. As a passionate environmentalist, Peggy Oki has headed numerous campaigns voicing concerns for the health and safety of sea creatures throughout the world’s oceans. Her full-time commitment to these causes has inspired action in people all over the globe. For many years now, Peggy has been a personal inspiration to me on so many of levels. She truly brings higher meaning to the word 'radical'."

Peggy Oki, is also Coordinator of the "Let's Face It" Visual Petition campaign and "Origami Whales Project" Founder & Director


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Peggy Oki


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