Sending good thoughts

Underwater footage of Hector's dolphins. Video by Dr Liz Slooten, Otago University / New Zealand Whale and Dolphin Trust.

Liz SlootenLiz Slooten (among foremost in studying the Maui's & Hector's Dolphins of NZ) is in Panama for the IWC meetings after presenting her paper to the Scientific Committee on the Maui's & Hector's of NZ, and the Vaquitas Dolphins of Mexico.

I asked Liz if I could share part of her paper and my call to you as follows:

"In both NZ and Mexico the creation of protected areas has been followed by research showing the protected areas are too small to be effective, extensions to the protected area, followed by research showing the protected areas are still too small to be effective, and so on. In both countries, the process has so far been too slow to achieve national and international goals for small cetacean conservation. This is in contrast to the precautionary approach recommended in SC/64/E6, which acknowledges that the less knowledge you have the larger the protected area you need."

Tomorrow (26 June, Tuesday) Liz will be attending the meeting of the Conservation Committee as they review her statement. Please join me in sending great positive thoughts, being there in spirit with Liz as she stands for our little Dolphins. And many thanks to all who are a part of this effort.♥


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for "our" Cetaceans!

Sending good thoughts


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