Táta Vega

If you've seen the movie "20 Feet from Stardom", you might just remember the voice and face of Táta Vega.


With Táta Vega, what you hear is what you get--and what you get is an artist whose music mirrors her spirit...and vice versa. ​A fresh and original blend of energy and inspiration...an effervescent personality combined with abundant talent, refreshing music and an eternal message.

​Táta is a rare and exceptional artist who has had the opportunity to cross nearly every musical boundary while all the while remaining true to who she is. Growing up in the Panama Canal Zone, she was surrounded by the sounds of Latin,Panamanian and Calypso music while developing a vast appreciation for the sounds of Rhythm and Blues,Soul, Gospel, Rock, Folk, Country and any other music that Táta could hear would also affect her in their own individual way.

Today,Táta while touring with Elton John, maintains a simplicity and sweetness that has endeared millions of people around the world. Her fan base spans the United States to Sweden,Spain to Japan. No matter the cultural surrounding, Táta carries an indescribable something that everyone can relate to. Her heart's desire is to reach as many people as possible-by any means necessary-with a message of love, hope and prosperity.

Follow ​Táta: https://www.tatavega.com


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Táta Vega


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