IWC to consider imminent extinction of Maui’s dolphins

"...With less than 15 breeding females, Maui’s dolphins are amongst the rarest and most endangered mammals on earth. Fishing progressively decimated numbers from around 1,800 individuals in the 1970 to just 50. With numbers this low, the death of more than one individual every 10-23 years will have devastating consequences for the entire population.

In 2012, a government appointed Panel of Experts determined that gillnets and trawling kill five Maui’s dolphins each year. Dr Liz Slooten from the University of Otago estimates that extensions to fisheries exclusion zones introduced since then reduce the level of Maui’s dolphin bycatch to 3.28 - 4.16 individuals per year - 54 times the sustainable limit.

...“Based on Dr Slooten’s data, our calculations indicate that Maui’s dolphins may become extinct as early as 2031”

WE shall NOT be SILENT about this!!

Please "Share" & join us in telling the NZ government that THE WORLD IS WATCHING!!
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  • "Ambassadors": 1-2 persons briefly explain the situation of the Maui's & Hector's Dolphins and "Let's Face It" campaign.
  • "Photographer": When people agree to have their photo taken, person with camera will take photos while the Ambassadors go on to the next person to explain.

People love smiling to save Dolphins!!!
* If you'd like information to download, print, and share, please visit our Visual Petition Collectors Packet page.

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IWC to consider imminent extinction of Maui’s dolphins


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