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Last night I presented the "Curtain of 3,800 Origami Whales" for a local screening of "Between the Folds", an amazing documentary about the art of origami. I spoke about the Origami Whales Project, and after the film, we folded. What a delight as this young origami artist created and gifted me with an Origami Dragon.

Sam & Peggy Oki

"Let's Face It" Visual Petition

I have 29 more VPs soon to be uploaded. With today's tally of 3,169 Visual Petitions on our wall, we are two VPs away from 3,200! Many thanks to everyone participating, and please continue to collect VPs towards our goal of 5,500.

IWC-64 Panama

Official IWC meetings begin next Monday, 2 July. However, this weekend there will be a Whale Festival that I have been invited to bring the "Curtain of 3,800* Origami Whales" to. I'm still hoping for sponsorship of travel costs, as I am willing to pack and go at the last minute, and continue to dedicate as much of my time as possible on a voluntary basis to stand for the Whales (and Dolphins of course!).

*Ten times this many Whales, nearly 38,000 have been reported killed by the whalers of Japan, Norway, and Iceland since the 1986 IWC moratorium on commercial whaling.

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for "our" Cetaceans!

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