ACTION ALERT: Submissions for TMP (Threat Management Plan) reopened for Maui's Dolphins.

DOC (Department of Conservation) NZ is now seeking submissions on the Minister’s intention to vary the West Coast North Island Marine Mammal Sanctuary to prohibit commercial and recreational set net fishing between two and seven nautical miles offshore between Pariokariwa Point and the Waiwhakaiho River, Taranaki.

HOWEVER, conservation organizations WWF NZ, Forest & Bird, Greenpeace NZ, Origami Whales Project/Let's Face It, and Maui’s & Hector’s Dolphins Education/Action Inc, believe the current proposal is inadequate, and call for immediate protection. Submissions close 4:00 pm Thursday 10 October 2013 (NZT)

Please send submissions directly to the NZ government!

All of these options provided may be taken, with most powerful at top.

a) Send your own submission in 3 easy steps!

  1. COPY & PASTE, (remember to "sign" your name)
  2. enter 'Marine Mammal Sanctuary submission' in the subject line;
  3. then e-mail: [email protected]
    OR send by mail:
    Marine Mammal Sanctuary submissions
    Department of Conservation
    PO Box 10420
    Wellington 6143

COPY & PASTE, add comments if you wish, remember to "sign" your NAME:



b) Sign the online submission by Greenpeace New Zealand

“Mining and oil activities, pollution, vessel traffic and disease constitute the remainder of the threat, on a much lower scale but still significant given the precarious state of the population.”

c) Download & Print this pamphlet to send a submission in by mail.

d) Sign the online submission by Hector’s & Maui’s SOS

by 25 September 2013!

Your Voice Urgently Needed Against High Risk Exploratory Drilling in NZ Waters!

We have nearly 7,300 “Let’s Face It” Visual Petitions!

Please keep adding yours, your friends & family, co-workers’ faces to show the NZ government that The WORLD is WATCHING!


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ACTION ALERT: Submissions for TMP (Threat Management Plan) reopened for Maui's Dolphins.


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