Benjamin "Pottsy" Potts

For one, living legend and hero seen as Sea Shepherd Conservation Society crew member on "Whale Wars", Pottsy has put his life on the line to save the Whales off Antarctica.

His experience and dedication is inspiring! From working in the bush as an infantry soldier in the Australian Army followed by a number of jobs ranging from outdoor guide to tree planter, traveling throughout eastern Australia from the tropics to the snowy high country. In Tasmania, he witnessed first-hand the destruction of the last remaining stands of Australia's old growth forests which contain some of the oldest and tallest trees in the world. The animals in these forests lose their homes when the forest is cleared for monoculture plantations. Seeing his country and its inhabitants destroyed for a quick buck made him extremely distressed and angry, and he vowed to defend it in the future.

This decision led him to volunteer with Sea Shepherd to defend the great whales. He had seen documentaries featuring Sea Shepherd, and he wanted to be involved in an organization which is on the front-line of defending threatened species and attempting to halt man's wholesale destruction of the natural world. He is extremely proud and felt privileged to have been a crew member in the lead up to and during the 2008 campaign which was a pivotal experience in his life and gave him the confidence and drive to fight for life on this planet.

"I'm sick to death of living in a society which is so engrossed in the trivial and obsessed with the individual, that in its quest for unlimited wealth and convenience is sacrificing the future of not only its own children but of all life on this planet. We are not separate from the natural world. We don't own the land, the animals, plants or other people. Life is not a commodity. When we murder, rape, poison and pillage our planet we do so to ourselves. Time is short for those facing extinction, and I implore you to stop what you are doing and act in the defense of the planet."

Ben plans to further his education in the environment by studying conservation biology and ecology as well as continuing to be involved with Sea Shepherd and local direct action environment group, Still Wild Still Threatened.


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