Call to Action to protect Maui's Dolphin habitat from seabed mining

The ironsands off the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand, are a unique geological and marine environment, also home of the last 54 or less Maui's Dolphins, currently in the crosshairs of global mining companies looking to exploit their high iron content and low extraction costs.

"...much of the science around the environmental impacts of all these emerging ideas is incomplete and unproven. The common consequence of all types of operations is the obliteration of any marine life in the mined area and in surrounding areas due to the smothering effects of the plume created when unwanted matter is released back to the sea floor."

The following is a list of potential disturbances in scientific terms, with a simple summary:

  • Physical disturbance and destruction of benthic habitat
  • Modification to diversity and assemblage structure in benthic communities (including demersal fish)
  • Alteration of biogeochemical processes in the water column and on the seafloor
  • Downstream sediment plumes potentially affecting water column organisms and productivity and seabed fauna
  • Surface noise and light affecting seabirds
  • Subsurface noise affecting marine mammals and fish
  • Any semi-permanent structures may act as artificial reefs
  • Modification of the natural wave and current regime through removal or addition of substrate
  • Modification of the coastal sand budget and shore mobility
  • Risks associated with increased infrastructure, e.g. oil spills or processing vessels

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Seabed mining poses a major threat to the Maui's Dolphin habitat!! Your VOICE is needed NOW to protect Maui's Dolphin habitat from seabed mining! Please make your submission to the NZ government through the KASM website. Submissions must be received by 28 January 2014.

A letter of concern initiated by Let's Face It, including endorsement by 25 NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) as international voice for Maui's & Hector's was submitted in October 2013 to the New Zealand government during the submission period on the Threat Management Plan (TMP) for Maui's & Hector's. This letter strongly and urgently requested protection of the NZ dolphins, including " not allow any harmful fishing practices, such as the use of gillnets and trawls, seabed mining, and oil prospecting within the species' habitat. avoid any adverse impacts to the species and their habitat."

We have nearly 7,500 “Let’s Face It” Visual Petitions!

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Call to Action to protect Maui's Dolphin habitat from seabed mining


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