Louie Psihoyos

Founder of the Oceanic Preservation Society in 2005, renowned photographer and avid diver directed OPS's first film, The Cove, which has won dozens of awards around the world, including the Oscar® for Best Documentary in 2009, and inspired over a million people to action.

Everyone can make a difference! Since screenings of the Academy Award-winning documentary “The Cove”, we’ve seen less Dolphins killed in Taiji, and many more Cove Monitors & Cove Guardians bearing witness each year. As further awareness is raised, thousands rallied for Japan Dolphins Day this year in over 90 cities worldwide, including an unprecedented heart group of Japanese citizensheart in Tokyo.

If you haven't yet, please watch "The Cove" (available free online)* and share this link urging your friends & family to watch.

The official website: https://www.thecovemovie.com/

*Please watch "The Cove", free online: https://topdocumentaryfilms.com/cove

And please remember to urge family & friends: "Don't Buy a Ticket" to captive cetacean facilities such as SeaWorld, Marineland, Georgia Aquarium, Miami. Seaquarium,...


Gift your friends with Love
for "our" Cetaceans!

Louie Psihoyos


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