Miracle March for Lolita

Dear friends,

I am excited to share with you that I've been invited to be a guest speaker at the Miracle March for Lolita in Miami (Florida) January 17, 2015!

It is a huge honor to be able join in the walk and to stand before thousands at this historic event honoring Lolita and supporting her release from captivity. www.miraclemarchforlolita.com

I've also been invited to bring the Origami Whales Project to represent for the dolphins in Japan at the 5th Annual "Change for Taiji & Candle Vigil" Event in Miami, Thursday, January 15, 2015 at 3:00pm EST. Additional collaborations and events are yet to be announced. Please consider contributing to the needed to cover travel expenses for the 4 days that I will be in Florida.

I need your help to attend this historic march and speak for Lolita.

My traveling expenses will conservatively run $1000 for air/room/meals/general expenses. You can help support my efforts to speak at the Miracle March for Lolita by making a tax-deductible contribution.

I will be posting event and fund-raising updates weekly. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Lolita was captured over 44 years ago, stolen as a child from her mother and extended family.  Since that fateful day, she has continued to live a life of tragedy.

The documentary, Lolita: Slave to Entertainment reveals the heartbreak of her life. She has spent over four decades alone, in an undersized, illegal tank at the Miami Seaquarium, in Miami, Florida. Lolita has survived longer than all but one other Orca in captivity, with a grace that few humans could aspire to. It's time for Lolita to be returned to her home waters in the Pacific Northwest, to be reunited with her family. And there is hope through our efforts united, and a well-thought out retirement plan proposed for Lolita, by Orca researchers living and working in the region from which Lolita was taken.

Some refer to me as Whale Woman, and I wear the title proudly. For the past ten years I have been a voice against commercial whaling through my Origami Whales Project, and more recently I've coordinated the Let's Face It Visual Petitions Campaign to save the critically endangered Maui's Dolphins of New Zealand. I am also sometimes known as sole female member of the legendary Zephyr skateboard team featured in the award-winning documentary, Dogtown and Z-Boys. I am as passionate about my activism as I've been for skating.

In my public talks, I share about my life and those who have inspired me, as I strive to inspire others to activism. Lolita truly inspires me to act, so participating as a Guest Speaker at the Miracle March for Lolita is an honor.

Of all Orcas in captivity Lolita has the highest likelihood of a successful return to her home waters. The captive cetacean industry does not want the world to see this happen because it will open the floodgates demanding the rehabilitation and release of Orcas across the world. It has been confirmed that Jane Velez-Mitchell will ensure full TV coverage of the Miracle March for Lolita. United our voice shall be heard.


"Vision for Lolita" is a watercolor painting I created as a vision that we will celebrate at the Miracle March for Lolita. Please join us in the Miracle March for Lolita, or at least in spirit holding this vision of Lolita being reunited with her mother Ocean Sun and family (L-Pod).

I thank all of you in advance for your support.

Peggy Oki
Origami Whales Project Founder & Director, "Let's Face It" Visual Petition campaign coordinator

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Miracle March for Lolita


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