News Flash and CALL TO ACTION: New Zealand government is taking first steps to open up Maui's & Hector's habitat to SHELL and offshore oil!

"A corrosive drilling fluid that triggered the North Sea's worst gas leak in 20 years could threaten similar deep-sea wells across the world, and operator Total has already warned Shell that its nearby Shearwater field may be at risk."

"With Shell we have shared even more as they have a neighbouring field, Shearwater, meaning they potentially have, perhaps, not identical, but similar problems,"

"Like Elgin, Shell's Shearwater field is fed by a HPHT reservoir where temperatures can reach 140 degrees Celsius."

Shell declined to comment.

Is this risk worth the revenue the government claims will bring to New Zealand?

We say "NO!"
We can't let this happen to NZ waters & wildlife!!

The New Zealand government has proposed a law change to the Marine Legislation Bill, currently before Parliament. If passed, the public's RIGHT to OPPOSE deep-sea oil and gas exploration will be REMOVED!

Please sign the online submission provided (scroll down halfway) at our News/Blog page ~Thanks!

We include (link above) an informational map and the link to this Greenpeace petition, as well as more video & resource links for people to e-mail their own submissions too.

University of Otago scientists, including lead Hector's & Maui's Dolphin researcher, Dr. Liz Slooten, attest to what's at stake if offshore oil is allowed into the currently proposed area of the Otago Coast.

Do you find this shocking & brazen of the NZ government?

The current NZ government has been opening the floodgates to oil companies whilst creating obstacles for defenders to demonstrate opposition to crimes against the environment!

READ MORE & pass this along too:

"Every Kiwi (New Zealander) should see this, John Wathen's eyewitness account of the Gulf of Mexico"
Devastating Offshore Oil Threat to NZ waters and ALL marine life, including the Maui's & Hector's Dolphins!!!

For further information on the Marine Legislation Bill:

To send in your own submission via e-mail:

Additional reference links:

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation and BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico

"Anadarko Petroleum Corp., a partner in the BP Plc well that blew up in 2010 and triggered the largest U.S. offshore oil spill, must face a lawsuit claiming it misled investors, a judge said."

"...sufficient reason to sue over a statement by an Anadarko senior vice president, Robert Daniels, after the spill that the company had no involvement in design or procedures at BP’s Macondo well."

BP's Gulf Disaster (in April 2010) Goes to Court; Anadarko, Transocean Also Could Pay Billions in Damages

February 24 2012

Originally, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation owned 25% stake but in October 2011 this was transferred to BP as a part of a wider settlement between the companies.


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News Flash and CALL TO ACTION: New Zealand government is taking first steps to open up Maui's & Hector's habitat to SHELL and offshore oil!


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