Peggy Oki, "Paints for the Porpoise"

Peggy Oki, artist and Coordinator of our "Let's Face It" Visual Petition campaign painted this bench as a contribution to the Carpinteria Valley Arts Council "Artniture" fund-raising event. And she's spreading the word at the same time with her creation which is also embellished with some art by students from her Whales & Dolphins Ambassador Program. How many Maui's Dolphins are on this bench? (answer below)


New Zealand announced this year that there are only this few left (55!) in the world. These critically endangered Maui’s & Hector’s Dolphins are counting on you.

Please Show Us Your Love!

"Let's Face It" Visual Petitions to saving the last 55 Maui's Dolphins.

We now have over 3,400 VPs and need 2,100 more to reach our goal of 5,500 by the end of September 2012.

Please help by collecting more"Let's Face It" Visual Petitions. You can team up with a friend, and its fun for everyone. Events such as festivals, parties, gatherings with co-workers and friends are great places for connecting and collecting many more "Let's Face It" VPs. So bring along your camera and image of Hector's / Maui's Dolphins so that you may continue to help. Click here to download information materials for Visual Petition Collectors (VPCs).

Many thanks to all participating in our "Let's Face It" campaign!


Gift your friends with Love
for "our" Cetaceans!

Peggy Oki,


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