Supporting AB2140 (The Orca Welfare & Safety Act)

Supporting AB2140 (The Orca Welfare & Safety Act): Thanks to my friend Joyce for helping to fax (15 committee members!!) my 4-pg letter from the Origami Whales Project today.


Sacramento area, everyone wishing to be there in support of AB2140, please use this RSVP Form for Lobby Day on Monday, April 7th, at the State Capitol in Sacramento, 9:AM to 5:PM.

Hearing Committee Support, April 8th:

"Come to Sacramento and show your support for the Orcas at the committee hearing for the Water Parks and Wildlife. This bill needs to go through committee before it hits the assembly and it needs all the support it can get. If you can go to Sacramento on this day, please do so." at THIS LINK:

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Supporting AB2140 (The Orca Welfare & Safety Act)


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