Tupoupou (Maui Dolphin)


Tupoupou (Maui Dolphin)

Also known as Tupoupou, the critically endangered Maui dolphin (Cephalorhynchus hectori maui) was named after the figure of a half-god and half-man, according to legend told by New Zealand’s indigenous Maori people. These dolphins are on the brink of extinction. Only about 70-100 Maui dolphins have survived the onslaught of commercial and recreational set net fishing and commercial trawlers. For updates on the critically endangered Maui dolphin please visit: https://www.peggyoki.com/activism/let-s-face-it-visual-petition


Image size: 15" X 10"

Frame size: 22"x 17-1/2"

Floated in light Oak frame


This painting has been purchased. 

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