Bluffs Trees (Carpinteria Bluffs)


Bluffs Trees

Carpinteria Bluffs


9 - 1/2" X 7 - 3/8"

Light Oak frame

Price: $325

Something in the wind rustling through the trees, the spaces in between, and the birds that come to land on their branches. It's as if the trees know...

The Carpinteria Bluffs is one of the last few remaining coastal open spaces in Santa Barbara County. It is visited by the White-Tailed Kite (a threatened species). A breeding colony of Harbor Seals is located on the adjoining beach below the bluffs. Because the Bluffs was under the threat of development for a number of years, a local organization, The Citizens for the Bluffs formed with efforts to preserve the land as an open space. They have since been successful in raising funds to purchase a large portion of the land. The Citizens group remains dedicated to its original mission of acquiring the entire Bluffs property. It will launch a subsequent fundraising campaign toward that goal if and when the landowners of the remaining 29 acres of Bluffs property are willing to sell the property to the community at a fair market price.