Curious Little One


Curious Little One


Image size: 10 - 1/ 8" X 6 - 3 / 8"

What do the whales see, when they come to the surface and look at us, as we look at them?

The Northern Bottlenose Whale (Hyperoodon ampullatus) is ten feet long at birth, and continues to grow in size until age 20, reaching up to 30 feet. Very little is known about this species, but researchers have found this species to dive almost one mile down, and is possibly one of the world's deepest divers.

The curious nature of these particular animals made them vulnerable to Norwegian whalers. Once hunted by Norwegian whalers to a point of being unviable commercially, the Northern Bottlenose Whale population is estimated to have been reduced by at least 70%. Most likely due to the very slow reproductive rate of whales, the species remains depleted today.

Many other species of Whales are being threatened with the resumption of commercial whaling.

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