A perfect storm and silver lining.


A picture can say a thousand words.

In the course of collecting signatures on the 10,534 letters delivered to Palace Entertainment and Miami Seaquarium from our “16,425 Days A Slave” campaign, this aerial photo has been the most compelling.

Standing Rock, DAPL, and how #WaterIsLife for all Beings including Dolphins & Whales

#NoDAPL - All have come to stand in solidarity against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) which is currently under construction.

Please support USA proposal to save Maui and Hector’s dolphins!

Please support the US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency’s initiative to list Hector’s and Maui dolphins under the Endangered Species Act.

Letters of Love for Lolita from Aotearoa, and the Latest

People of all ages have been sending love from across the Pacific and Atlantic! Also we are sharing an update on the lawsuit for Lolita’s Endangered Species Act status, leading up to a press release yesterday (1 July 2016).

More Voices for “our” Maui’s Dolphins

Peggy Oki, reports on her 12th year in Raglan, NZ of working to help the last 55 or less Maui’s Dolphins.

Urgent Action Needed!

Japanese Whaling fleet heading for Antarctica, expected to kill up to 333 minke whales by March 2016. The slaughter will occur in waters that have been declared a whale sanctuary by the International Whaling Commission (IWC)!

Miracle March for Lolita

I am excited to share with you that I've been invited to be a guest speaker at the Miracle March for Lolita in Miami (Florida) January 17, 2015! It is a huge honor to be able join in the walk and to stand before thousands at this historic event honoring Lolita and supporting her release from captivity.

15th annual exhibit at “the Sojourner Cafe”

Please join me in celebrating my 15th annual exhibit at “The Soj”!

We've Tried & Tried! What To Do When They Just Won't Listen?!

It is more than evident that unless the current government is VOTED OUT, the last 55 Maui's Dolphins could become EXTINCT less than two decades from now.

Silence Broken

Battles are being hard fought for the world's smallest, rarest dolphin in New Zealand -- a nation perceived as “green” but currently only in theory, not action.

IWC to consider imminent extinction of Maui’s dolphins

New research confirms that New Zealand’s Maui’s dolphins could face extinction by 2031. In the past two years, the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) had issued urgent recommendations about the need to protect the dolphins’ from fishing nets. New Zealand has failed to implement this advice. IWC scientists are scheduled to discuss the plight of the last 50 Maui’s dolphins again at their meeting in Bled, Slovakia this week.

Rakuten bans sales of whale and dolphin meat; notifies all sellers

More good news, and gratitude to EIA (Environmental Investigation Agency) and HSI (Humane Society International) for this campaign

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson is an American folk rock singer-songwriter, surfer and musician known for his work in the soft rock and acoustic genres. In 2001, he achieved commercial success after the release of his debut album, Brushfire Fairytales.

The Good News, and Word is Getting Out

Hail to the great Blues, Light is shed on the New Zealand government lurking in darkness, while the Mexican government steps up to the plate.

Stand Up & Be Counted

Large scale environmental art image was organized by “Let’s Face It” Visual Petitions coordinator Peggy Oki, Founder & Director of the Origami Whales Project.

Call to ACTION! Please spread the word & post widely!!!

We've heard that the NZ govt may announce the Threat Management Plan (TMP) on the Maui's & Hector's dolphins this month!!!

Dave "Rasta" Rastovich

Professional free surfer, co-founder of Surfers For Cetaceans, featured in the documentary film "Minds In the Water" on his journey as an activist for cetaceans. Dave came to Raglan, New Zealand this year to help stand up for the last 55 Maui's Dolphins.

Chuck Barfoot

Its been estimated that over 6.1 million people snowboard just in the US alone. According to Chuck Barfoot, the reason snowboarding was invented was because a few surfers wanted to surf in the snow - they totally related it to surfing.

Ric O'Barry supports

Ric wrote: "Lets get behind this urgent effort, folks!" and with his blessings to create this VP on his behalf, "We love Peggy".